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The Boardman Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility showcasing music, arts and culture that many people have the privilege to enjoy. When the high school was built in 1969, the voters rejected the initial bond issue to build an auditorium, so the high school was built without one. Music and drama performances continued to be held at Boardman Center Middle School (formerly the high school). Another bond issue was proposed in 1994 to build an auditorium, and once again, it was defeated. When Larry Saxton took the position of Superintendent in 1996, he immediately formed a strategic team to study the benefits of an auditorium at the high school. He made the proposal to the Board of Education that would allow for construction of the auditorium without costing the community additional taxes is 1997, an action committee was formed, and they raised the $1.5 million from private contributions to complement the $3 million Improvement Funds used for the exterior shell. The contributors made it possible to complete the interior, purchase furnishings and the final product and incredible state-of-the-art facility. The Groundbreaking Ceremony was May 31, 1999 and in August 20th, the Boardman Performing Arts Center opened it’s doors for the first time.

Cast List

Maria  Nicole Sebastian


Bernardo   Richard Fisher


Anita   Sydney Boggs


Chino   David Santiago


PePe   Dale Ross


Indo   Nathaniel Sop


Luis   Peter Fernandez


Anxios  Wil Arnin


Nibbles   Jackson Shope


Toro   Joey Fratteroli


Moose   Mitchell Harrison


Rosalia   Angelina Panno


Consevelo  Taylor Foster


Teresita   Alexa Demetrios


Francisca  Sarah Moon


Estella   Emily McConnell


Margaritta  Becca Choleva


Alex   Alex Naples


Tina   Katie Reilly


Olivia   Carter Shope


Talia   Tess Wieser


Vanesa   Nina Yurcisin


Mia   Marta Galluzzo


Marta   Madalyn Trell


Angelica   Kate Snyder


Pamela   Danielle Maughan


Yara   Mia Lewis


Rita   Carina Cummings


Sabrina   Ashley Policy


Maricela   Courtney Segool


Nina   Helen Nguyen


Teresa   Aadia Brinkley


Shakira   Leigh Carabbia


Maya   Gabi Pantaleo


Renee   Delia Walkowiec


Monica   Krista Ritz


Amalia   Alicia Zoccali


Tony   Robb Lewis


Riff   Nathaniel Ams


Action   Cade Santha


A-Rab   Dave Kimpton


Baby John  Mitchell Dunham


Snow Boy   Luke Rhodes


Big Deal   Joe Strock


Diesel   Chase Picino


Geetar   Tim Fowler


Mouth Piece  Matt Ellis


Tiger  Luke Hetzel


Graziella   Chloe Housteau


Velma   McCallen Warrick


Minnie   Sophia Schuler


Clarice   Stacey Fils


Pauline   Jennifer Demetruk


Anybody's   Ciara Jacobson


Cynthia   Eliana DeMichael


Nacy   Emma Tannehill


Lori   Brittany Edgell


Tammy   Liliana D'Andrea


Rhonda   Emily Garrett


Peggy   Emily Maroni


Dorothy   Faith Clear


Rita   Briana Lytle


Nickie   Elizabeth Voytko


Jennifer   Sibhan Bacha


Beverly   Cambrie Kaster


Judy   Sydney Moon


Carolyn  Callie Metzger


Kimberly  Marissa Kurelko


Brenda   Allie Toth


Caren  Sandra Wigley


Margaret  Taylor Vanasdale


Janice   Sami Kelley


Doc  Kyle Hensley


Lt. Schrank   Alan Culva


Officer Krupke   Hayden Thompson


Glad Hand  Megan Evans


Somewhere Voice  Shannon McMaster(s) :P

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